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Virtual Trivia

Bring together your team from ANYWHERE!

Thank you for supporting CCT's Virtual Trivia Games! Please follow all of the instructions listed below to register:

Step 1: Pay for the game via PayPal HERE (using rates & codes below)

    • $5 Per Player - as of May 11th the rate has been altered to a flat per person rate.
    • Note: Please coordinate/pay together to ensure your team gets registered for the same game.
  • SCHEDULE & GAME CODESRegistration closes ONE HOUR before each game. 
    • Enter game code in notes section when submitting payment via PayPal to specify game/preferred host, or simply use the number if you have no preference. Make sure to enter the same code in your official registration email.
  • S6.6 @ 8pm - Matt (MF-069)
  • N6.7 @ 8pm Arrested Development (070)
  • M6.8 @ 8pm - Kira (KD-071) or Alecs (AR-071) or 071 for either
  • T6.9 @ 7pm - Mandi (MB-072a)
    • @ 8pm - Phil (PT-072) or Chris (CR-072) or 072 for either
  • W6.10 @ 7pm - Natalie (NG-073a)
    • @ 8pm - Kira (KD-073), Christine (CH-073), Renee (RR-073) or 073 for any
  • R6.11 @ 8pm - Phil (PT-074), Alecs (AR-074), Jon Y (JY-074) or 074 for any
  • F6.12 @ 8pm - Ian (IF-075) or Adam (AL-075) or 075 for either
    • Trivia After Dark @ 10pm - Kira (KD-075b) or Yelitza (YM-075b) or 075b for either
  • S6.13 @ 5pm Happy Hour Trivia - Alecs (AR-076a)
    • @ 8pm General Knowledge - Lorraine (LI-076) or Jason D (JD-076) or 076 for either
    • @ 9pm Trivia in Drag with Virya Shavasana (DW-076b)
  • N6.14 @ 3pm International Trivia Series with Ian (IVE-077)
    • Friends Trivia @ 3pm (077a) and/or 8pm (077b) - different Qs for each!

Step 2: Once your team has paid, please email with:

  • Subject Line reflecting the date you intend to play. 
  • Team Name
  • List of email addresses for each device
  • List of teammates using each of those devices, so we can invite everyone together.
    • Your captain/organizer will receive a confirmation email once we have confirmed receipt of payment and the complete registration email.
    • Zoom game links are sent through Constant Contact** approximately 30 minutes prior to each game's start time. **any email addresses that have unsubscribed/blocked our newsletter will not receive these messages.
    • NOTE: the inbox is monitored from early afternoon through game time, generally. Don't fret if it takes a bit to hear back. :-)

Step 3: Have each teammate create a free account on Zoom by clicking HERE!

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 

**Special Events/Private Games are also available (great for CUSTOMIZED virtual gatherings such as birthday parties, anniversaries, happy hour, & other social distancing fun. For pricing and details message:!**

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