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Create A Team

Create a customized profile to track your standings at the locations you play and better interact with Charm City Trivia and your teammates!

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Register your team to participate in our seasonal tournament.  Each season we give over $3000 in cash & prizes to the top 3 teams!

Once you create a team, you'll get your own team page. By default, the player who registers the team becomes the team Captain, but you can transfer ownership at anytime. The team Captain has the ability to invite (or remove) players to the team, upload a team photo, edit the team name or slogan, and choose the locations at which you play.

We'll take care of uploading your game stats. From the team page, you can view your location standings, as well as your teams overall global ranking.  

Note: CCT does not give your personal information to any outside parties.

Create Your Team:

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