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Charm City Trivia is the largest, most award-winning trivia company in Maryland.  We’ve been doing this since 2006, and we currently have over 70 weekly locations.


What have we done?

We’ve done special events ranging from company meetings, country club socials, holiday parties, global product launches, corporate/institutional conferences, university orientations, educational events - we’ve even produced events for weddings!


Customization is key!

We’ll customize a game for your needs, making sure the topics we cover are of interest to your organization & demographic, and are, of course, fun for everyone. Our fantastic, seasoned special event hosts make the experience that much better!

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In-Person Trivia & Music Bingo: info@charmcitytrivia.com

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Virtual Trivia & Music Bingo: admin@charmcitytrivia.com

Book a Virtual Special Event: virtualevents@charmcitytrivia.com

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