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Why Do Trivia?

Would you like to increase business on an otherwise slow evening? Do you want to add a weekly event to your schedule that gets patrons excited? Are you wondering what the buzz around trivia is all about?


Consider Charm City Trivia

We have over 70 locations in the state and growing! Trivia encourages people to come out who otherwise may not frequent your establishment during the week or at all. Players often come for the trivia and come back on non-trivia nights. The benefits of a trivia night go beyond the night itself.

Build a Weekly Crowd:

Our seasonal league tournaments are designed to encourage regular attendance year round. We give over $3000 in cash & prizes four times a year! Our trivia nights add a fun, entertaining, and engaging event to your calendar.

Gain a Promotional Partner:

We regularly use Constant Contact, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our new-interactive website, our loyalty program, and our weekly games to reach thousands of weekly players. Our top-of-the-line promotional items and branding will stand out in your bar. We partner with excellent local businesses to offer additional prizes to weekly & tournament games. Our hosts often promote your other bar/restaurant events and specials during trivia.

For information on starting a trivia night:

In-Person Trivia & Music Bingo: info@charmcitytrivia.com

Book an In-Person Special Event: events@charmcitytrivia.com

Virtual Trivia & Music Bingo: admin@charmcitytrivia.com

Book a Virtual Special Event: virtualevents@charmcitytrivia.com

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