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Frequently Asked Questions


Does it cost anything to play? No, all in-person games are free to play!

How many people can play on a team? Team size is limited to eight players.

Can more than 8 play throughout the season? More than 8 can play throughout the season, but not on your team at any given time.

How do I create a team? To create a team, just show up at your local trivia night! Your host will automatically register you on our website. *Please note: to accumulate points in our tournament, you must play under the same team name each week or ensure that your host knows you are the same team when you change your name.

What's the deal with the tournament? Each season runs 10-12 weeks, on a quarterly basis. Play each week at the same venue to earn points, teams with the most points at each location will qualify for an invitation to the tournament at the end of that season.

Our team qualified for playoffs but hasn’t seen an invitation, what do we do? Send a message to playoffs@charmcitytrivia.com. Invites are sent a week after the last game of the season.

How do points work? Points are accrued through a points system algorithm, based on where you place that evening and among how many teams. Each night you play adds points to your season score (with extra points the last two weeks of the season).

Can I play on multiple teams? Yes, you can play on multiple teams at separate locations, but if both teams qualify for the tournament, you can only participate with one of them.

Can points be combined from different locations? No, your season score is location specific. Because scores are dependent on the number of teams, it is not fair for different locations.

There’s an issue with my score from a previous game, can this be fixed? Scoring issues must be addressed during the game with your host. Scoring discrepancies will not be considered after the game has ended.

I've played under multiple team names at the same location, is it possible to merge the points? If your team plays under different names during the season, we can merge your accrued points together for playoff consideration. Message us at info@charmcitytrivia.com for standings help.

How is cheating handled? If you suspect cheating during your game, inform your host. We issue warnings and disqualify teams as needed.

What if I have issues with our host? Feel free to bring your concern straight to the host or email info@charmcitytrivia.com if you don’t feel comfortable addressing the host directly.

Want to throw a special/private event? Email events@charmcitytrivia.com or virtualevents@charmcitytrivia.com for any bookings or inquiries!

What is the hint of the week? It’s a little content sneak peek for our players! Each week is a different hint to a specific question topic - see our Facebook or Instagram for the hint.

How do I know if my game is running? Games run weekly, year-round, unless noted on social media. If you are concerned about a specific date, contact the location. We do not cancel games. The “locations” page on our website contains the most up-to-date list of locations and start times.

How do you get invited to the playoffs? If you’ve qualified for playoffs, you’ll receive an email within a week of the season ending. Your host will collect your contact info - no info, no invite! So, make sure you give your host your team’s contact information. Contact playoffs@charmcitytrivia.com with any questions or issues.

What kind of prizes can you expect? It’s the location’s choice: it’s often gift cards, but can also be shots, food, swag, etc. Check our website on the locations page or ask your location directly. Prizes at finals include cash and prizes for the top three teams.

What if there is a problem with the location? Charm City Trivia is hired entertainment for the location. If you are having an issue with the location, the staff, wait times, food, servers, prizes, or anything other than our host or our game, address your concerns directly to the location.

How do I get trivia in my favorite bar? Tell the bar to call us at 240-587-QUIZ (7849) or email us at info@charmcitytrivia.com

I’m looking for part-time work and trivia seems like a fun opportunity, are you hiring? We’re always hiring on a rolling basis! Please send an email to hiring@charmcitytrivia.com for our interview process.

I have an issue with a question asked at our game, who do I contact? For all content related matters, please contact content@charmcitytrivia.com

I’d like to reserve a table for one of your charity games, who do I contact? We do not take reservations on behalf of our locations. If you think you may need/want to make a reservation for a fundraising game, please contact the location directly.

What charity games are happening soon? Our fundraising game schedule varies by season; for the most up-to-date schedule please see our social media.

I work for an organization that would benefit from participation in the charity series, who do I contact? We focus on featuring local nonprofits and charities that directly benefit Maryland communities. If this applies to you and you are interested in being featured in one of our games, please contact charities@charmcitytrivia.com


How do I register to play? Just show up at your favorite local bar or restaurant on Music Bingo night! Your host will provide everything you need.

Are there prizes? Yes! Prizes are different at every location, including (but not limited to) gift cards, swag, food, discounts, etc.

Does it cost anything to play? No, it’s free to play!

How does it work? You’ll be provided bingo cards by your host that are filled in with various song titles. You then listen to each song as they play, try to find them on your card, cross them off when you find them, and call bingo if you get it.

How many bingo games are there? There are 5 different types of bingo games played over our 2-hour game show.

I’ve never heard of this song before, how will I know if it’s on my card? Since music bingo is randomized and there’s no way to cheat, players are encouraged to use song identifying apps (like Shazam) to name the song. If you don’t have an app like that, you are also welcome to ask your host what the name of the song is.

What is this I hear about a “jackpot?” The final bingo game is “blackout” where you cover your whole card to win. A win can garner you a prize from the location, but if you get bingo within our designated number, you could win the jackpot! Each session begins at $150 for winning bingo in 50 songs or less. For each week with no winner, we increase the jackpot $5 per bingo location, and the song limit by 1. Our largest jackpot won was $550! Check out our current jackpot at charmcitybingo.com.

What if there are two jackpot winners in a week? Winners are determined over the course of the entire week, so multiple winners would split the jackpot. Winners will be notified of the final amount and receive a payout the following week.

Want to throw a special/private event? Email events@charmcitytrivia.com or virtualevents@charmcitytrivia.com for any booking or inquiries!


How do I register to play? Visit playvirtualtrivia.com, select the game you wish to play from our calendar, and follow the instructions. Please provide an email address for each player attending; for multiple players on the same device, use the device holders email for all players.

How does virtual trivia work? It’s played solo or on a team through Zoom; you’ll receive the Zoom link 30 minutes before the game starts. Once you’ve entered the meeting, change your display name to reflect your team’s name and your host will sort you with your team. During the game, you will move in and out of private Zoom (breakout) rooms, so there’s ample time for trivia and socialization!

How many people can play on a team? There’s no limit!

I’m having technical difficulties, can you help? For difficulties during game time, your host may be able to help. However, settings vary by device and operating system, which we have no control over.

How much does it cost? Only $5 per player!

Are there prizes? Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that players will not cheat during virtual trivia; we do not offer prizes so that we do not incentivize players to cheat. We do offer prizes during our tournament game, via random selection.

How does the tournament work? Teams are granted automatic entry to the virtual tournament just by showing up every week during the virtual season!

I have an issue with a question asked in our game. Who do I contact? For all content related matters, please send an email with your concerns to content@charmcitytrivia.com

I would like to schedule virtual trivia for an event at my workplace, how do I set that up? We offer various formats of virtual trivia perfect for workplace team-building, social, and fundraising events! For more information and pricing, please contact virtualevents@charmcitytrivia.com

I work for an organization that would benefit from participation in the charity series, who do I contact? We focus on featuring local nonprofits and charities that directly benefit Maryland communities. If this applies to you and you are interested in being featured in one of our games, please contact charities@charmcitytrivia.com

I haven’t gotten my link for the game yet! What do I do? We send out the link 30 minutes prior to each game. If you don’t have a link within 30 minutes of the game (and you’ve already checked your spam), please contact admin@charmcitytrivia.com. *Reminder: if you have unsubscribed from our e-newsletter, you will not be able to receive links!

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